Hello there!

We are a little group of independent developers that very passioned about doing interesting and well-polished games. All of us have a lot of experience in development of games of different genres and complexity. Near Fancy is a multicultural group. Members of our talented team live around the world: USA, Ukraine, France, Russia, and the main "backbone" is based in Kiev. We believe that games could change this world for better, unite people regardless of their nationality and cultural differences. And our main goal - to make these beliefs became a reality.

The main success of Near Fancy is the release of the "Loony Quack" for Android on Google Play store, for now. But we do not stop there and continue to create unique and interesting projects, such as "Bubbly Tap" and "Afore the Storm".

Our nearest plans:

  • Porting of Loony Quack for Apple market with a bunch of new features, locations, and characters.
  • Release of Bubbly Tap for Android & iOS
  • Starting production of "Afore the Storm" - 2D stealth platformer with adventure elements, about a life of a spy before The World War, in dieselpunk setting, for PC and consoles. Main influencers: Mark of the Ninja, This War of Mine, Assassin’s Creed® Chronicles

    Information about this project will be available soon.

More about development updates and new games releases you could read on our Facebook page.

Loony Quack: Thorough the egg - smash a duck!

Loony Quack Loony Quack icon

Crazy ducks have overwhelmed the Loony Quack world! Use your super skills and a set of super weapons to free the land from insanity. Have fun, taking down an army of loony targets with rotten eggs. Intuitive controls – you need only one finger to become a master.
Lots of funny ducks, each with unique character and abilities.
Cartoon style with cool animations.

Become the Egg Master! The Pop Star of yolks!
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Bubbly Tap: don't blow the bubbly!

Bubbly Tap Bubbly Tap icon

Simple and relaxing puzzle game with minimalistic style. Over 100 levels, different bubbles behaviour, few colour themes. No pressure, no hurry, no time limits. Just tap on screen solving puzzles.

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